Nissan Versa CarZorb!!

Nissan has created the world’s biggest working Zorb, complete with a full-sized Note safely cushioned inside. The giant inflatable ball, which measures six metres in diameter and more than 18 metres in circumference, was constructed to highlight Nissan’s Safety Shield technology featured on the Nissan Note, its popular small family car. Nicknamed the ‘CarZorb’, the […]

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Good Housekeeping awards it’s “Tried & Tested” Award to the Nissan Leaf!

Think of Good Housekeeping, and the chances are you’ll either recall a favorite recipe from its famous series of cookbooks or be thankful for its long-standing tradition of good household advice on everything from coffee maker s to stoves and kitchen cleaners to shampoos. But while the Good Housekeeping magazine might be better known for […]

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