Decorate your Nissan GT-R with a Sharpie!

What started out as a silver Skyline with 50K on the clock ended up as a tuned art car thanks to its owner’s talented wife.

This 1995 R33 Skyline GTR came with a Greddy boost controller, HKS coilovers, 17″ work wheels, an ARC intake, a Nardi steering wheel and a Nismo 400R bodykit, but its new driver wanted to get a bit more out of it with some clever tuning.

What wasn’t part of the plan is the special livery, but while taking it into pieces and getting rid of all the unnecessary parts to save about 110 pounds, his wife started doing some scratches on the bumper with her Sharpie. Fifteen hours later, the whole front bumper was doodled.

This Nissan Skyline Is A Sharpie Tribal Tattoo On Wheels.

Things escalated quickly from there and while the husband jammed some brand new performance parts under the metal, Allison was busy finishing with the rest of the drawing. Plenty of clear coat was applied to make sure her work stays on even at very high speeds.

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