Good Housekeeping awards it’s “Tried & Tested” Award to the Nissan Leaf!

Think of Good Housekeeping, and the chances are you’ll either recall a favorite recipe from its famous series of cookbooks or be thankful for its long-standing tradition of good household advice on everything from coffee maker
s to stoves and kitchen cleaners to shampoos.

But while the Good Housekeeping magazine might be better known for its advice on home appliances, smart household budgeting and recipes that the whole family will love, it has just been awarded the prestigious “Tried & Tested” award by the Good Housekeeping Institute in its annual 2014 model year car review.

Fighting off tough competition from other 2014 model year cars in the showdown, the Nissan LEAF was one of eight cars selected for the 2014 GHI car review, and was praised for its:

  • large load bay
  • perky performance
  • ease of use
  • value for money

Tested for its track performance as well as suburban and highway capabilities, the Nissan LEAF impressed the GHI with its ergonomics and everyday practicality.

While the Nissan LEAF might not seem to be an obvious choice for a growing family alongside more conventional choices like a minivan or SUV, the Nissan LEAF’s lack of gas tank and deep trunk can swallow a surprisingly large number of shopping bags and buggies, while the rear seats can accommodate two or even three full-size child seats, depending on the model of child seat you use.
What’s more, the GHI singled out the LEAF’s around-view monitor, standard on high-end SV models, as being a great safety feature, one which helps keep both occupants and pedestrians safe in the busy environment of the morning school run.

Of course, the GHI isn’t just about picking products that suit family life: it also focuses on high build-quality, reliability and everyday running costs. With time-of-use metering and night-time charging, the LEAF’s day-to-day running costs — like any other plug-in car — are incredibly low.


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