The Hottest Winter Activities Near Calgary

If you’re looking to explore our region this winter, hop into a versatile and rugged Nissan SUV that’s built to tackle Calgary’s snow, ice, and frigid temperatures. Now’s the time for our Sunridge Nissan customers to get out there with their friends and family to enjoy the best of what this season has to offer.

Here are a few of our favorite winter sports and activities:

Lake Louise Ice Sculpture Competition – Head out to the Fairmount Chateau at Lake Louise to watch 12 international teams of ice carvers turn blocks of frozen water into works of art. There even is a “Little Chippers” festival that shows the kiddos how to make little ice sculptures of their own.

Skiing and Snowboarding – What’s the point of living in a place with a little extra snowfall if you’re not going to take full advantage of it? Head over to WinSport this winter to snow ski and snowboard at the area’s most-visited winter sports facility. There are courses for all sorts of difficulty levels and lessons for those who want to get a leg up on their skills.

Banff – It’s a little bit of a drive, but if you’re willing to hop into your 2017 Nissan Pathfinder for about 90 minutes, the gondola ride to the top of Sulphur Mountain is definitely worth the trip, and the downtown shops in Banff make it easy to make a day out of the trip.

Yes, it’s cold this time of year, but thankfully Nissan vehicles perform well in harsh driving conditions and there’s plenty to keep you busy (even outside) in this part of province. Who needs spring, right?

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