Tire Buying Guide at Sunridge Nissan

Of all the things on your Nissan automobile that require regular maintenance, one of the easiest to forget is your tires. That’s unfortunate, too, because nobody likes to get in an accident on a wet or icy day, or to have a tire blow out unexpectedly because it was too run down. Having decent tires with acceptable tread is incredibly important for the safety of Calgary, AB drivers, which is why we want our customers here at Sunridge Nissan to make sure they not only take good care of their tires, but understand when they need new ones for their Nissan Murano or Nissan Rogue.

First and foremost, it’s important to look at the tread on the tires themselves. If the tire has worn itself down to the grooves, you are way past due for ordering new ones. Honestly, our service technicians will do a great job letting you know when it’s time to start considering new tires, but in the space between service updates that responsibility falls on you.

Once it is time purchase the tires, it is strongly recommended that you purchase them as a quartet. Many people want to buy just one new tire to replace a bad one, all in an attempt to save money, but it could cost you in the long term. Having different treads on tires can throw off your vehicle’s alignment and cause more serious problems down the road.

When it comes to new cars in Calgary, it’s easy to forget just how important tires really are, but just remember that after you’ve replaced yours, keep them properly inflated and drive cautiously on rough terrain, and the tires you purchase from us will hopefully last you a good long time. Stop by Sunridge Nissan or schedule a Nissan service appointment online today to ensure that your tires are in tip top shape!

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