Top Five Nissan Technology Features

These days, few things are more important for new cars in Calgary than good technology. Drivers want lots of it, and they want it to be cutting edge and easy to use. Thankfully, Nissan engineers have developed some truly impressive tech over the course of the last few years that continues to show up in our most beloved production vehicles. Some of the best of them include:

Lane Departure Prevention – Thanks to a camera unit behind the windshield that can read road markers, Nissan vehicles literally can’t drift dangerously out of their lanes due to lack of attention or drowsiness. This system even can apply brake pressure to help keep drivers from getting into accidents.

Intelligent Cruise Control – Using radar and your navigation system, your vehicle can make sure that it always is located at a safe following distance.

Active Front Lighting – Headlights aren’t just headlights anymore. Nissan headlights actually steer with the vehicle into turns for better visibility while also automatically turning on low beams when the vehicle is driving at lower speeds.

ECO Pedal – The ECO Pedal is the first of its kind in the automotive industry, helping to guide drivers into more efficient driving through control over excess fuel consumption during starting the vehicle and of course through lead-footed acceleration.

Vitamin C Filter – Your Nissan Altima or Nissan Sentra can even help keep you healthy while you drive, with a special Vitamin C air filter that actually supplies moisture to passengers’ skin while the air conditioner is running.

All of these technologies work together to make Nissan vehicles some of the most impressive in the industry, especially when it comes to technology. Calgary, AB drivers should stop by Sunridge Nissan any time to check these technologies out for themselves in person!

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