Top Dining Options in Calgary, AB

While nobody buys a vehicle for the express purpose of using it for date nights or family dinners with the family, the reality is that certain Nissan vehicles, like the new Nissan Rogue for example, are capable of doing good work on both accounts. Whether it’s piling the whole family into the spacious SUV or taking a loved one out for a nice meal and getting there in relative comfort and luxury, Nissan can deliver. Thankfully, the city of Calgary, AB can deliver on the restaurants, as well. Here at Sunridge Nissan, the following are a few of our favorites:

Vero Bistro Moderne – Like most great Italian restaurants, this one is cozy and intimate, with a service staff that seems to genuinely care as much about the customers as it does the food. With so many delicious and inventive Italian dishes from which to choose, visitors will not be disappointed. There’s a reason so many people call this the best restaurant in Calgary, AB.

OEB Breakfast Co. – For a unique take on breakfast, OEB Breakfast Co. is the way to go. The brunch here is fantastic, though certain items like the French toast and eggs benedict are especially delicious. This isn’t diner food; courses don’t come slapped on an old plate with a greasy spoon. These dishes look as great as they taste, making them worth the trip all by themselves!

The Canadian Brewhouse – If you’re out on a date (or even if you have the family and just need an adult beverage), this restaurant offers great beer and some high-class pub food. Its outdoor area is also one of the best in the area for the forthcoming warmer months, making it a great spot for dinner for two, or even for the whole family.

Our Nissan dealers in Calgary don’t necessarily sell  vehicles as transports to dinner, but maybe they should, especially with so many great places to eat in the area!

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