Auto Parts to Change Out in Summer

Anybody who ever has owned a car and let the maintenance schedule slip knows that doing such a thing is a huge mistake. Those schedules exist to help keep your vehicle working as close to like-new as possible, but once in a while there is a need to work outside of that schedule, especially as the brutal weather of certain seasons rains down (literally) upon your Nissan Altima or Nissan Versa.

And while it’s easiest to think of winter as the biggest weather-related culprit for car troubles, don’t forget that summer can be pretty brutal, too. There are so many more vehicles driving more miles this time of year, which means it’s easier to see new problems compounding. To avoid that, consider getting the following parts checked out at our Sunridge Nissan service department this July:

Battery – Intense heat can juice a battery much more quickly than normal, which is why you should have your own car battery tested this time of year to make sure you’re not due for a replacement. You certainly don’t want to break down in the middle of a long vacation road trip!

Windshield Wipers – The ice and snow can be brutal on the rubber parts of windshield wipers, effectively tearing them away from the wiper and rendering them unusable. Our service department can swap them out quickly and affordably for you this summer.

Belts & Hoses – These are the components that hold your engine together, but the heat can cause tears and/or cracks, making it necessary to have them swapped out before (or after) a long road trip.

Do all of that, and your car will stay running like a dream all summer long. That’s exactly what car dealers in Calgary hope to see happen, and we’re sure our customers do, too!

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